I’m starting this with all the earnestness one can when you realize everything you write will be mis-interpreted.  Everything you like will reflect back on you affecting what identity people give you in their minds, and in my formative years I remember being so concerned with my image of my own masculinity that I would never admit pop singers affected me like this.

BUT SIA, you saved my life.  In the middle of a bad breakup, in the middle of divvying up our stuff and her going out and not coming back, in the middle of months where we still cohabited an apartment and tortured each other; you were there belting out that you didn’t feel normal, that you were stronger than you gave yourself credit, that you had plans to party to a destructive degree, that ultimately you made yourself in choices every day.

Your voice is beautiful, your lyrics are to the point and unapologetic, and when you hit high notes I would tear up in my headphones at work.

Anyone with such unique stage presence, combination of dance and visual mediums, anyone in any creative field should pay attention to Sia.