There is Constant, Glowing, and Hopeful Spirit in my creative work; and I would argue that no matter the deeper purpose of every person’s creative work that the sheer act of making is a hopeful act.


I am grateful for the talents that have come to me easily, and humbled by the talents I had to practice harder to learn.


Spirit, I am thankful for my family, for a foundation in faith that has allowed me to expand into a belief of all reverberations of faith and life. I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue higher education, and the teachers that still believe in me and help write recommendations for younger big eyed students.


Recently I have been humbled by several whisperers of the deeper creative spirit. Julia Cameron, Austin Kleon, and Elizabeth Gilbert: your contemporary works on nourishing the creative voice, and battling the doubts and detractors of creative efforts in our lives have given me a new fervor. Without your collective words I may have given up in the quiet doubt of a capitalist product-obsessed culture. If you are lost in the wilderness of America’s brazen lack of support for creative work and culture I would recommend these writers/podcasters as their words pulled me out of a self hating numbness.


If your fingers are sore from instrument practice, limbs sore from dance, paint or dust on your clothes, if your eyes are worn from digital wizardry, or your voice is raw from speaking or singing your soul you are my sibling in this creative kinship. No matter who else hears it , or buys it, or pats us on the shoulder we are not failures if we do not get the praise or reward we hope for. Our creative sweat is a celebration to the light and flavor of this existence; and our mission is so deep no one is qualified to stop any of us.


Thank you for your Spirit,


Adam Triplett