Helen Frankenthaler in 1956. Photograph: Gordon Parks/Getty Images

Frankenthaler said in an interview that she does not paint things but climates, feelings.  That her concept is dangerously always inspiration, leading her, per painting.  Using often wash techniques through printmaking or paint mediums, and spanning from conventional painting techniques to ceramics and metal work; she is flow constantly, presence of flow.

Summer Harp_1973_acrylic on canvas

I have felt peace in her oil paints, and terror in a block print.  Use of etching and screen print creates a specificity of blur, an intention of fuzziness.  Her works have been said to evoke landscape or figuration; but in the way we see objects out of the clouds.

In the Wings_1987_etching and lithograph

I think of photography.  I think of Meg White’s drumming where you just let the drum sound snap naturally.  Just relax and let what is, be.

Grey Fireworks_2000_Screenprint Woven Paper