Hard Work with a Smile

Whether Succeeding in a Project, Selling or Trudging Through to the next Adventure: for over 30 years Adam has being playing his Heart Out.

Adam Triplett was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1984.  His parents Kim and David Triplett are cultural leader/participators in Religion and Music, respectively.  His sister Rachel is a year and a bit younger than him and they grew up friends.  Childhood occurred mostly in Glen Allen, VA where Adam obsessed over painter biographies, alternative music, action movies, and imagination games.  Nature was where Adam heard God, films and books were where he felt at home, and museums were where his mind left his body and collided into bold new existence.

Adam received his BFA in 2006 in both Painting & Printmaking, and Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. He pursued a minor in English and graduated from the Honors College Magna Cum Laude. His work has shown in Richmond, VA and Florence, Italy with little sprinklings of opportunity up and down the East Coast.

Adam has worked in every position in the restaurant business and credits his scratch cooking techniques to his food mentors Patty Powell Thorpe and Chad Healey.  He was the frontman for a rock band, Calpurnia, between 2004-2009.  A practitioner of Kung Fu with Richmond’s East-West Wing Chun since 2012, he is actively growing into an instructor of the art.  Adam practices Yoga, Daoist Palm Striking Techniques, Phillipino Knife Fighting, various Grappling Styles but assures everyone he is still a peace-loving guy.  He placed for medals in Wong’s 2016 Martial Arts Tournament in D.C.

He lives in Richmond, Virginia.  Presently Adam is learning amateur web design, graphic design, sound engineering, and animation, and Spanish.  His favorite authors are Tom Robbins, Ray Bradbury, Ralph Ellison, Haruki Murakami, Emerson, Thoreau, Harville Hendrix, Marshall McLuhan, Toni Morison, Naomi Klein.  He is both a dog person and a cat person.  You can find Adam training in the city with boxing gloves, or waiting tables on the weekends.

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